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Draw Your Future With Agilities

Draw Your Future with Agilities is a free, online video tutorial from Up Your Creative Genius and the DeBruce Foundation to help individuals build self-awareness and agility to navigate the future. The video tutorial prompts users to discover their work strengths and interests, or “Agilities.” It then guides them through a process to draw the future they would like for themselves. It encourages users to take their time, pausing when needed, to complete the action steps. The video can be a way for individuals to practice wellness, establish goals, and expand their pathways for the days ahead. ​ Ready to Draw Your Future? All you’ll need is a pen, this template or a piece of blank paper and a readiness to dream!


Draw Your Future: How a Simple Picture Can Change Everything

If you want to stay relevant you have to be able to pivot your strategy quickly! Draw Your Future (my most highly requested talk) engages participants to experientially discover how to draw a simple picture to accelerate change.


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