Custom Visuals and Facilitation

Are you wondering how to inspire your team and help them solidify their focus and strategy to turn vision into reality? Great teams thrive in a strengths based culture where all perspectives are valued.

Change activation means we’ll use game storming and live graphic capture to accelerate you achieving your goals. In this interactive, playful environment; your team will leave with measurable business outcomes and a visual roadmap to help them stay focused and aligned. A team will support, promote and invest in the ideas that they build together!​

Whether you are creating new product ideas, aligning to a brighter future, or solidifying strategy, with strategic illustration and game storming, you’ll come up with 78% more ideas 26% faster! True!


“Patti recently drew my vision and goals into a picture and guided me towards actions to take to make it all come to life. And, it is all coming to life! That process creates magic!” Meagan O’Leary, full stack leader

Vision Maps

The objective of a vision map is to get everyone aligned with that compelling future.

To accelerate transformation, we use metaphors and images to illustrate the new focus and help your teams ladder their strategies to it. Together, with your internal leaders, we draft a big picture map and test different versions to identify the right visuals that will effectively translate your story to everyone across the company.

This TrueBlue Big Picture illustration represents moving from the old world to the new during the integration of brands. The qualities and elements of the future state are represented on the new world road. These will help employees understand the behavior changes they’ll need to make to step into that powerful future state.

Vision Map by Patti Dobrowolski


“Patti asked me to imagine what my life would feel and be like in a year – how would it change? You helped me and my husband Paul draw our own map which we put on the wall of our house and looked at everyday. It’s beyond belief how much more it is than I would ever have imagined on spiritual, physical, mental levels. I wanted to thank you from all my heart and my beingness for being a catalyst for our change.”

– Julie Johnson, award-winning fashion illustrator

Vision to Reality Maps

You and your team will love watching a real time illustrator capture your current and desired new realities into a beautiful picture right before your eyes. That picture will lock that future state into place and when you start acting on it, amazing things result.

Vision to Reality Maps by Patti Dobrowolski

Culture change requires engagement at all levels. Here are just a few methodologies I use to craft your unique, supercharged offsite:

Gamestorming is a set of practices for facilitating innovation in the business world. A facilitator leads a group towards some goal by way of a game, a structured activity that provides scope for thinking freely, even playfully. Participants maintain a high level of engagement and the outputs from the session map to the current business needs. (I.e. process change, culture shifts, new strategy, or product design, etc.)

Values Exploration is an opportunity for teams to work together to identify the sustaining, diverse and inclusive values that will support their mission and help leaders and teams leverage the breadth of talent to achieve their goals.

Now discover your strengths/culture mapping utilizes the Strengths finder assessment tool to help teams understand & leverage their strengths. Each team builds a team map that identifies elements of the desired culture, communications, decision-making strategies and the bold steps they’ll need to take to step out of the old ways of doing things and into the new.

Changing…The Game – this change management in a box game shows your team how to navigate and lead change no matter what crisis of the month they are facing. Change is the only constant we face, so let’s get good at it!

Build A Dynamic Workshop – This workshop design in a box kit will help you raise any team’s acumen in developing highly engaging meetings and workshops. HR/OD teams and consultants love this tool!

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