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A Picture’s Worth a Thousand Words — and We Prove It

Up Your Creative Genius (UYCG) is a consulting firm specializing in high impact, interactive facilitation supported by creative keynote speaking. With 30 years global experience in leadership and organizational change management, we were early adopters of the use of live graphic capture and strategic visuals to promote and sustain business growth.

Our design principles apply gamestorming methodology to create a powerful, interactive environment that offers opportunities for exploration, discovery, and insight unmatched by traditional thinking techniques. For each keynote or meeting, we create a large illustration that captures the essence of your goal setting or vision of the future.

These illustrations are a constant reminder to your team of the strategic goals and future you are working towards. These beautiful visuals grace the walls of such clients as Nike, Microsoft, Amazon, Starbucks and The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to name just a few.

Patti Dobrowolski doing live illustration

Some of the fantastic client's I've worked with

A drawing of a road leading to a desired future

Our Creative Genius Story

When I moved to Seattle in 2004, I wanted to start a new business based on what I had discovered to be true — that having a picture of a vision and strategy really did help companies and individuals achieve their goals more easily. Not that you didn’t have to do the work, but the picture kept you focused and engaged long after your competition had given up.

What did the picture actually do? It helped you Up Your Creative Genius — tap into your innate knowledge and wisdom to make better decisions together. Since that day, we’ve worked with companies and entrepreneurs around the world to help them envision the future and capture it in a strategic illustration. That picture will change you, your team and your business!

Mission, Vision, and Promise

When people think of a Creative Genius, they often think of a personality, like Einstein or Steve Jobs. The Romans believed a genius lived in the walls of your house and whispered insights into your ear to help guide you during a challenge.

A drawing of a flag - Success!

Our mission is to help anyone, anywhere tap into their innate Creative Genius by using simple visual thinking strategies that will inspire and motivate them towards their desired future.

A drawing of an arrow pointing towards something magical
Our vision is to help everyone facing a change, to grab a pen and draw a picture of the future they want to live in. Then, to have the courage and tenacity to take 3 Bold Steps and create it.
Patti Dobrowolski's drawing of a heart
We promise to create an extraordinary experience that will help you both expand your creativity and boost your brainpower to Up Your Creative Genius in every situation.

Our Core Values

  • Inclusion. We work to ensure people feel a sense of belonging in every experience we design and host
  • Creativity. We help you tap your imagination for bigger ideas and targeted outcomes
  • Collaboration. We create the space for you to up your collaboration skills so you work together better as a team
  • Fun. Play is at the heart of every great company culture. People thrive when they are having fun.
Patti Dobrowolski holding markers

Ready to find out more?

Let’s have a conversation about what you, your team or your organization needs. Together we’ll create an incredible experience!

What my fantastic clients say


“Patti’s dynamic presentation inspired participants to envision their communities’ ecosystem. Not only did they draw their future, they left armed with tools to apply their learnings to their communities. Powerful!”
Patti's drawing

Xan Black, SLECop Chief of Staff, TIES


“Our session with you was so powerful, that visual lives on everyone’s screen saver as a constant reminder of where we are going and what to focus on next. If you ever want a full-time job, you’ve got one here at Brooks!”
Brooks Shoes

Dan Sheridan, SVP Sales, Brooks Running Company


“Thank you so very much for your inspirational kick-off to the NAO 2016 conference last week in Washington, D.C! It couldn’t have been any better! Your energy, enthusiasm and creative genius set the stage.”

Robert Trachtenberg, National AHEC Organization CEO, AHEC

Patti Dobrowolski mail
Patti Dobrowolski picture holding markers

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Visual Listening + Your Meeting = Live Illustration

A live illustrator elevates any meeting or presentation by capturing the conversation using a unique skill of visual listening. With words and pictures, they create a graphic recording of the meeting content. This often beautiful illustration is a valuable asset that you can bring into your meetings so you know where you are, can track your progress and continue to use it to inspire your team.
Patti Dobrowolski doing live illustration
Up Your Creative Genius