Imagination Changes Everything

Imagination — Your Secret Superpower

Only one person in ten who sets goals for their life will actually make the changes necessary to achieve them. In this powerful, dynamic talk, you’ll learn how you, your team and your organization can leverage your innate superpower — imagination — to increase your flexibility and resilience and achieve your goals with a 42% higher success rate.

While most of us believe we can “think” our way out of a problem, it’s better to imagine your success first. Imaginative thinking about your future gives your brain an internal goal. It then maps the route to your success creating road signs, identifying pitfalls and alerting you to necessary rest stops until you’ve arrived at your goals.

Based on my Popular "Imagination Changes Everything" Tedx Talk

Don’t think, imagine. In this compelling illustrated Imagination TEDx talk I share stories and imaginative thinking skills from some of the greatest creative thinkers and artists of our time. While many people believe that Creative Genius is something accessible to few, I make the case in this talk that imagination is the most powerful problem solving skill anyone can use. That skill will open the door to your own Creative Genius.
This talk will engage your audience in using their imagination in new ways:

  1. Envisioning their future in a picture form
  2. Changing their perception of daydreaming
  3. Creating a “what if” mentality — open to expansive ideas and new perspectives

Some of the fantastic client's I've worked with

Imagination Changes EverythingKeynote Takeaways

Imagination Changes Everything is an interactive, dynamic talk where I clarify how the imagination works and your brain’s ability to expand any idea to create blockbuster results. With real life examples of combining images with imaginative thinking, I share how I went from waitress to Broadway performer in one year, then crashed and burned to become a gardener. Using my imagination, I literally planted new ideas and recreated my career.

How participants will benefit:

Patti Dobrowolski drawing of a brain
Understand how memories in the brain are formed.
Patti Dobrowolski's drawing of a woman imagining her future
Learn the power of using inner and outer visuals to envision your future.
A drawing of an arrow pointing to a star
Watch and learn from others who turned literal trash into beauty.
Patti Dobrowolski's drawing of a brain thinking of the future
Learn imaginative techniques to fuel your success.

What is imaginative thinking

Imaginative thinking is using your imagination to daydream possible solutions. Imaginative thinking can be developed by asking a question and allowing yourself to respond without censoring your answers. The more you allow your imagination to freely think, the easier the process becomes and the more answers your imagination will give you.

The Difference Between Thinking and Imagination

Thinking is a cognitive process that is automated and constant. It includes judging, reasoning, concept formation, problem solving, and deliberation.

Imagination is consciously envisioning, forming new ideas, images or concepts of external objects not present to the senses. It can be used and applied to any situation to help you to solve any puzzle or expand any idea.

Your imaginative thinking skills are one of the most powerful tools you have to envision your future. In my Draw Your Future TEDx talk, I share research that shows when you draw a picture of your desired state, daydream that new reality with feeling, you will stay focused and motivated until you achieve your goals.

What my fantastic clients say

A Defining Moment

“The day you drew my future was a defining moment in my life. It gave me a way to see myself in my future life and the 3 bold steps to get there. I left the firm I was working for a few months later. “
Grant Thornton logo

John Genell, Formerly the #1 Salesperson, Grant Thornton

Amazing and Inspiring

“What an amazing and inspiring experience. Being able to envision what I would like to have achieved when I look back on my next chapter was extremely powerful.”
–Gavriella Schuster

A great tool

“Our Vision 2025 hangs right where our team enters the building so everyone – employees and partners – know exactly what we are up to!”
Microsoft logo

Bob Bejan, Corporate Vice President: Global Events, Production Studios and Community, Microsoft

What you can expect

Every client is unique. We’ll partner together to ensure your participant’s experience exceeds their expectations. During the event, I’m highly responsive, interacting with the audience to keep their attention riveted while drawing a beautiful picture of our discussion. After the event, you can count on me to help provide you with key steps to keep both the experience and your picture alive!
Patti Dobrowolski drawing of a brain

Before your event

  • I will work closely with your team to craft a powerful talk that will inspire and motivate

  • We will work together to brainstorm possible imagery to ignite your audience’s drive

  • I will use my social network to promote your event, if desired
Patti Dobrowolski drawing of someone on stage

During your event

  • I will deliver an inspiring talk customized to your audience

  • I will illustrate LIVE on stage

  • I will interface with your attendees before and after the talk
Patti Dobrowolski's drawing of a light bulb

After your event

  • I will interact with your attendees on social media and through email

  • Share promotional clips/images from your event

  • Recommend your event to future speakers
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How can imagination change my future?

Your imagination can change your future by helping you to envision a new one. Your imagination helps you step into the future you desire and dream about. Let yourself examine and expand upon what you already know and bring to the surface things you have not consciously thought about. When you use your imagination as a tool to future pull — meaning you mock up possible scenarios of your future — the prefrontal cortex of your brain will use your imagination to mix and match possibilities until you find the best way to achieve it.

10 benefits of imagination

There are many benefits to using your imagination, here are ten.

  1. Better ideas
  2. Expanded thinking
  3. Multiple perspectives
  4. Greater clarity
  5. Empathy
  6. Improved social interactions
  7. Reduced stress
  8. Enhanced problem solving
  9. Faster goal achievement
  10. Increased creativity
My talk on imaginative thinking will help your team and organization see the critical role imagination can play in achieving your business goals. Teams who actively take time to brainstorm with abandon work better together, appreciate each other’s perspectives and achieve better outcomes. Imagination Changes Everything. Book me for an event and find out for yourselves how powerful your imagination really is.

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