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When you have only 60 minutes to inspire your team, thank your employees, or galvanize your organization, every moment counts. I guarantee each moment will count or your money back.

As a motivational speaker, I share powerful stories that will inspire your team and leaders to think about goal setting in a new way. Whether you’re moving through change, setting a new vision, longing for team alignment or building strategy, I will inspire you to tap your creative genius for success.

During each talk I give, I engage with your audience, inviting them to share their ideas. I quickly capture those concepts into a beautiful illustration live on stage. That piece of art is yours to keep, to remind you and your organization — this is our next step, this is our future!

A comic performer, writer and visual thinker, I partner with your design team to craft a powerful talk that will lock itself into the long term memory and a picture to leave a lasting impression for years to come.

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My Most Popular Keynotes

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Visioning the Future with Keynote Speaker Patti Dobrowolski

Focus your team with an interactive keynote that will inspire them to think bigger about the future and see their part in its success. You’ll dream, I’ll draw — it’s fantastic!

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Top Keynote Topics I Speak About

While my most requested keynotes often reflect my TEDx talks, these are additional topics I speak about. In my 30 years as a consultant in high level change management and visual thinking, I’ve gathered many powerful stories and images. These paint a picture for your audience, helping them increase their desire to lead change and empower others to achieve amazing results.

Future You

Over 6 million people have watched my TEDx talk Draw Your Future with powerful results. In this keynote, I share the brain science behind why everyone should use a picture to help you in future casting your vision. Using a simple goal setting process, you’ll attach yourself to a future you and step through the doorway into the future you desire.
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Unlocking imagination can lead to innovation at the highest level. Through focused daydreaming and a “yes, and” attitude toward new ideas, your team will tap into this Creative Genius well — revealing solutions and new paths to your future. Open your mind and walk through the doorway into the magical playground your imagination holds.

Goal Setting

Goal setting gets a bad rap. It’s often attached to new year’s resolutions which no one ever follows through on. But when you goal set from your future self, your goals are bigger, more inspirational because they are coming from a more expanded you. You’ll draw a picture of your goals tapping into the brain chemistry that helps you feel confident and capable. See how a picture’s worth a thousand words and will help you stay focused and motivated until your goal is achieved.
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Patti Dobrowolski's drawing of an arrow leading to change

Change Management

Change resiliency is one of the most essential skills you can master. It requires communication, listening, empowering others and celebrating throughout the course of any change you are facing. When your team understands and can master these key actions during change, they’ll have more empathy and appreciation for diverse perspectives. All of this will help them work as a unified team leading to better results.


Being an authentic leader takes courage. It means that you show up as your true self, tell transparent stories from the heart and listen to your team with empathy. Your role modeling helps others to know they can bring their full selves to work and are often more dedicated as a result. Authenticity helps build an inclusive, respectful culture where people’s lives matter and great work gets done. This is the leader of the future.
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Women's Leadership

Women have been the backbone of every essential movement in history. They are powerful, resilient and purposeful community builders. Women leaders on any board will increase the ROI of an organization. Yet we are often underrepresented. In this talk, I’ll share the essential elements I’ve learned to help you negotiate, listen better and stand up for yourself in all arenas. You’ll see how you can be the bridge to a better future for yourself and those who follow.

Visual Thinking

A visual thinker taps into the inherent metaphor being used in the room and draws a picture of it. When a team wants to “blast off”, they’ll draw a rocket, or “build a road to the future” they might draw a map. The live capturing of words and images into a “thinkspace” in front of a team will elevate collaboration, camaraderie and ideation. Anyone can become a visual thinker by grabbing a pen and stepping up to the whiteboard. Learn the true meaning of the word “roadmap” and synthesize your brainstorming into a powerful strategic illustration to help you achieve your goals.
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A drawing of a pen creating a roadmap to a desired future

The Power of Drawing

97% of people surveyed say their drawing skills suck. For most of us, we stopped drawing at an early age, so we are simply out of practice. Doodling is one of the most powerful things you can do to unlock your brainpower. It relaxes your critical mind and allows a free flow of information and ideas. Learn simple, repeatable drawing tips to capture your team’s attention and ideas into a beautiful, visual tool that will continue to inspire you to reach your goals.

Step into Authentic Leadership with Patti Dobrowolski

Being an authentic leader is key to building an inclusive culture that respects diverse perspectives and honors all people. It takes courage and tenacity to get under the surface and be willing to talk through difficult issues. Learn core essential elements to help you listen better, ask deeper questions and open yourself to a larger conversation. I’ll help you step into authentic leadership so you can be the leader your team needs.

What my fantastic clients say


“Patti’s dynamic presentation inspired participants to envision their communities’ ecosystem. Not only did they draw their future, they left armed with tools to apply their learnings to their communities. Powerful!”
Patti's drawing

Xan Black, SLECop Chief of Staff, TIES


“Our session with you was so powerful, that visual lives on everyone’s screen saver as a constant reminder of where we are going and what to focus on next. If you ever want a full-time job, you’ve got one here at Brooks!”
Brooks Shoes

Dan Sheridan, SVP Sales, Brooks Running Company


“Thank you so very much for your inspirational kick-off to the NAO 2016 conference last week in Washington, D.C! It couldn’t have been any better! Your energy, enthusiasm and creative genius set the stage.”

Robert Trachtenberg, National AHEC Organization CEO, AHEC

What you can expect

Every client is unique. We’ll partner together to ensure your participant’s experience exceeds their expectations. During the event, I’m highly responsive, interacting with the audience to keep their attention riveted while drawing a beautiful picture of our discussion. After the event, you can count on me to help provide you with key steps to keep both the experience and your picture alive!
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Before your event

  • I will work closely with your team to craft a powerful talk that will inspire and motivate

  • We will work together to brainstorm possible imagery to ignite your audience’s drive

  • I will use my social network to promote your event, if desired
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During your event

  • I will deliver an inspiring talk customized to your audience

  • I will illustrate LIVE on stage

  • I will interface with your attendees before and after the talk
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After your event

  • I will interact with your attendees on social media and through email

  • Share promotional clips/images from your event

  • Recommend your event to future speakers
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Keynote Speaker, Illustrator, and Change Agent Patti Dobrowolski

An inspiring, highly interactive keynote speaker, I help your teams envision a positive future while capturing it into a clear and powerful roadmap to achieve your goals. As a seasoned change agent, I will guide your team to seek the best possible solutions, create alignment with your core values and help them discover their unique contribution to the end result.

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Patti Dobrowolski doing live illustration

Visual Listening + Your Meeting = Live Illustration

A live illustrator elevates any meeting or presentation by capturing the conversation using a unique skill of visual listening. With words and pictures, they create a graphic recording of the meeting content. This often beautiful illustration is a valuable asset that you can bring into your meetings so you know where you are, can track your progress and continue to use it to inspire your team.
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