A Visual Picture of Your Desired Future
Will Increase Your Chances of Success by 42%!

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Today's business world changes at the speed of light. Can your organization pivot fast enough?

Research shows when you draw a picture of the future you desire, put it where people can see and take action on it everyday, you’ll increase your team’s resilience and their goal achievement by 42%.

Who wouldn’t want a picture like that?

Hi, I'm Patti

In 2011, I took the stage and gave a TEDx talk that went viral. Now over 6 million people around the world have seen the value of drawing your future to turn their dreams into reality. A comic street performer/waitress, I drew a picture of myself on Broadway and landed there three months later. Since then I’ve drawn thousands for drawings for people and organizations all around the world. As an author, keynote speaker and business consultant for Fortune 100 companies, my drawings are transformative and will take you from being a goal setter to a goal getter.

Some Brands I've Worked With:

What My Clients Think

Our Vision 2025 hangs right where our team enters the building so everyone – employees and partners – know exactly what we are up to!” 

Bob Bejan

Corporate Vice President: Global Events, Production Studios and Community, Microsoft

The day you drew my future was a defining moment in my life. It gave me a way to see myself in my future life and the 3 bold steps to get there. I left the firm I was working for a few months later. I knew I could keep drawing new pictures as I progressed away from my old life and toward my new one.

John Genell

Formerly the #1 Salesperson for Grant Thornton

“Thank you so very much for your inspirational kick-off to the NAO 2016 conference last week in Washington, D.C! It couldn’t have been any better! Your energy, enthusiasm and creative genius set the stage for all AHECers to have an outstanding conference experience.”

Robert Trachtenberg

National AHEC Organization CEO

“Our session with you was so powerful, that visual lives on everyone’s screen saver as a constant reminder of where we are going and what to focus on next. If you ever want a full time job, you’ve got one here at Brooks!”

Dan Sheridan

SVP Sales, Brooks Running Company

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