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A visual picture of your team’s desired future can increase their chances of success by 42%!

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Graphic Facilitation—The Art of Visual Thinking

Live illustration, or graphic recording, helps maximize your team’s engagement, clarifies complex concepts, and keeps the momentum going from your event or meeting.

During your session, I listen for key ideas, synthesize them, and document them in visual form. This visual then stays with you and becomes the vital tool that helps your team stay on track and drive the change you desire.

Work with me to unify your team’s big ideas, and add a fun, creative and unique element to your meeting or event.

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Visioning the Future
with Keynote Speaker Patti Dobrowolski

Focus your team with an interactive keynote that will inspire them to think bigger about the future and see their part in its success. You’ll dream, I’ll draw — it’s fantastic!

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Graphic Recording

A graphic recording is a hand-drawn rendering of key themes, ideas, and processes — created in real-time.
I inspire your audience by bringing their ideas to life, fostering deep engagement, and structuring the dialogue. Having a shared visual record of conversations helps your team reach unparalleled levels of collaboration during an event, and is a powerful lasting artifact for you to use moving forward.

A drawing of a road leading to a desired future
A drawing of a pen creating a roadmap to a desired future

Visual Notetaking

Visual notetaking, in the form of words and images, helps your team to remember and build their thinking together. Since the brain uses images to create stories, visual notes help participants remember the story and the meeting content better. It also keeps the team’s attention focused on the ideas, helping them to literally “see” the evolution.

These visual notes are drawings created in real-time using simple words and pictures, virtually or in-person. Having a visual notetaker at your event means that while you’re talking, we’re drawing. The result is a visual summarizing the key takeaways of your discussion.

  • Visual notes are great for:
  • Engaging event & webinar attendees
  • Aligning & focusing participants
    Making your brand & content more memorable

Visual Listening

Anyone can take visual notes, but a seasoned strategic illustrator is listening at a deeper level. Hidden behind the words are key metaphors that reflect both the content and the consciousness of the team. The better these metaphors are reflected in the visuals, the more alignment the participants will feel at the end of the meeting. This will help your team work better together when challenges arise and have a visual reference to remind themselves where they are going and why.

Visual Facilitation

Visual facilitation is the act of drawing concepts and ideas while seamlessly facilitating your team meeting. This requires a high level of focus and attention coupled with the ability to run the room. There are only a few skilled “facillustrators” in the world who can maintain the engagement and flow of idea generation to get your results on paper quickly, succinctly and with flair. Your team will be inspired to grab their pens and go to the whiteboard to join in the fun.

Visual Facilitation Tools I Use

Visual facilitation tools are roadmaps to your team’s success. They’re literal visuals that your team can use to capture their own content. For example, they can be a guide, or a meeting in a box filled with markers and game pieces to help drive engagement and enthusiasm.

A gamestormer by training, I help you to design an offsite by building a game participants can play in the room to help them solve the challenges they are facing. One of these tools, How to Create a Dynamic Workshop is a simple facilitator tool to help anyone create a powerful and engaging experience, no matter the content.

Vision Drawing

A vision drawing is a pictorial representation of your team or organization’s vision of the future. Helping you to define your vision and determine the key strategic pillars that you’ll use to achieve it, is an essential element of our engagement. No matter your level in the company, I’ll invite you to take pen in hand to sketch your ideas, so that I can help you bring that visual and content to life.

Live Illustration
Discover the Magic of a Human Highlighter

Live illustration will enliven every meeting, every time. The color and vibrancy of seeing your words coming to life in an image form is truly magical. Every element of your team’s visual will level up their performance and fuel their most creative ideas. The finished images will continue to positively impact your team’s performance, effectiveness and any project’s outcomes.

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Keynote Speaker, Illustrator, and Change Agent Patti Dobrowolski

An inspiring, highly interactive keynote speaker, I help your teams envision a positive future while capturing it into a clear and powerful roadmap to achieve your goals. As a seasoned change agent, I will guide your team to seek the best possible solutions, create alignment with your core values and help them discover their unique contribution to the end result.

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