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Draw Your Future®

How a Simple Picture Changes Everything

If you want to stay relevant in your career or in your life, you have to be able to pivot your direction quickly! Draw Your Future® (my most highly requested talk) engages participants to experientially discover how to draw their future and accelerate change.

Using my signature process, “Draw Your Future” I’ll show everyone how to leverage the latest neuroscience and drawing to train their brains to identify and stay focused to achieve key goals. Participants capture their current and desired states, then build the bold steps they need to take to step into that desired new reality. Finally, they’’ll create a clear and compelling plan of action to bring about the very changes they desire.

See how a simple picture can change your business and your life — even if you don’t know how to draw!

This talk is adaptable for individual, business, organization, or team use. Experience the true power of a picture speaks a thousand words. Let a picture inspire you and your team to accelerate achieving your goals.

Based on my Popular "Draw Your Future®" Ted Talk

In this talk you will learn the key principles of the Draw Your Future® process to help you understand how drawing a simple picture can help you make change more easily.

This is a perfect activity to engage your team in thinking about the future in an innovative way and a valuable strategic tool for leaders looking to create change in team dynamics, organizational strategy, culture or goal setting.

Some of the fantastic client's I've worked with

Draw Your Future®Keynote Takeaways

Draw Your Future® is a powerful, interactive drawing and team building experience that will help your participants envision their future. I’ll lead you through a unique and fun way to envision your desired new reality and make change more easily…and you don’t even need to know how to draw!

How participants will benefit:

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Understand the why of drawing a picture.

Patti Dobrowolski's drawing

Create a Snapshot of their current state and desired change.

Patti Dobrowolski's drawing of a blue man
Envision and attach themselves to a positive future.
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Tap their creative abilities to help problem solve.
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Maintain their motivation to achieve their goals

What my fantastic clients say


“Patti’s dynamic presentation inspired participants to envision their communities’ ecosystem. Not only did they draw their future, they left armed with tools to apply their learnings to their communities. Powerful!”
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Xan Black, SLECop Chief of Staff, TIES

A Defining Moment

“The day you drew my future was a defining moment in my life. It gave me a way to see myself in my future life and the 3 bold steps to get there. I left the firm I was working for a few months later. “
Grant Thornton logo

John Genell, Formerly the #1 Salesperson, Grant Thornton

Amazing and Inspiring

“What an amazing and inspiring experience. Being able to envision what I would like to have achieved when I look back on my next chapter was extremely powerful.”
–Gavriella Schuster

What you can expect

Every client is unique. We’ll partner together to ensure your participant’s experience exceeds their expectations. During the event, I’m highly responsive, interacting with the audience to keep their attention riveted while drawing a beautiful picture of our discussion. After the event, you can count on me to help provide you with key steps to keep both the experience and your picture alive!

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Before your event

  • I will work closely with your team to craft a powerful talk that will inspire and motivate

  • We will work together to brainstorm possible imagery to ignite your audience’s drive

  • I will use my social network to promote your event, if desired
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During your event

  • I will deliver an inspiring talk customized to your audience

  • I will illustrate LIVE on stage

  • I will interface with your attendees before and after the talk
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After your event

  • I will interact with your attendees on social media and through email

  • Share promotional clips/images from your event

  • Recommend your event to future speakers
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Draw YOUR Future®

The odds against you making the change are 10 – 1 – against it.

What if I told you that if you drew a picture of what you desired, you put it somewhere you could see it every day and took small actions on it, you could improve your chances of success by 42%. Would you do it? Of course you would!

When you draw a simple picture, you help yourself stay focused on your future self and make better decisions in the here and now. 98% of people tell me “My drawing skills suck!” If they do, research shows you’ll remember that drawing even BETTER — which will help your brain wake up and keep working until you achieve what you want.

Don’t take my word for it…grab a piece of paper…

What is Draw Your Future®?

Draw Your Future® is registered trademarked visual process to help you make change more easily. By drawing a picture of where you are, where you want to be, then choosing three bold steps and taking action you can significantly improve your chance of success.

How to Draw Your Future®

Use any piece of paper, or download my template below!

Patti Dobrowolski drawing of draw your future map


On the left side capture your current state — what’s going well and what’s challenging.


On the right side, dream that desired new reality and draw it in full living color.


Choose 3 bold action steps to close the gap between the two sides.

Feel better? Yes!! Drawing and dreaming your future taps your success button inside and gives you a shot of dopamine so you feel confident, courageous and ready for action.

Now put that map where you can see it all the time – your phone wallpaper, wall or mirror. Take at least one step towards that vision of the future every day. It could be something small like making a phone call, or looking something up on Google. Remember it all adds up! Celebrate every little thing along the way 😉

See it. Believe it. Act on it. You can do this!

Draw Your Future®Examples

Here are some examples to help inspire you and clarify what people have created when Drawing Their Future. Note that not all drawings are perfect, but they are all powerful!
[Click to enlarge]

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