Strategic Illustration

If a picture is worth a thousand words, isn’t it time your company used one?

A strategic Illustration literally gets your team on the same page, shows them how what they do everyday impacts the bigger picture, and keeps them motivated until they achieve that future success!

Everyone needs to be able to articulate your team or organization’s vision and strategy, but if your company is like other organizations I have worked with across all industries, many of your employees remain confused. Teams may have spent hours creating a set of values that just hang in a nice plaque on the wall, or building a strategic plan that ends up sitting on a shelf. 

Together, we’ll build a visual illustration filled with key information and strategic goals that support your vision. Your team will love being able to build that picture! Drawing integrates all parts of the brain, whether you know how to draw or not, so your best ideas come forward. Then we’ll finesse those ideas into a real time illustration that you’ll be proud to have grace your office walls.​

Every meeting is worth capturing into a picture!  Find out how you or your team can train to become a Wizard at the Whiteboard!


“Patti, thank YOU for such a wonderful experience and for the very high quality, meaningful, authentic and moving production, I am so proud to have this beautiful piece to remember it by. What a joy we shared!”

– PNCA Leader

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