Invigorating Your Daily Practice in 3 Simple Steps

Do you struggle to maintain a healthy daily practice? Try these three simple steps to shake yourself out of your slumber to set yourself up for a powerful, productive day.

Most of us have a daily practice of some kind or another, whether it is enjoying that first cup of coffee or tea, working out, sitting in meditation, or writing. All of these activities can enhance our self-reflection.

Everything in your brain becomes routine over time and once it’s routine, it loses its efficacy. Say you meditate in the very same way every single day without shifting your routine, you can stop expanding in your awareness. If you journal daily in the exact same fashion, you begin to fall asleep. Anything you repeat without change will eventually lead to a decline in the full benefits, the taste or texture, the feeling of the flow.

Any of us who have sat on endless online calls would love those meetings to be more lively. All entrepreneurs want their business to become more successful. Project managers want their ideas to be more focused. To keep expanding, you have to keep things fresh, challenge the way you approach everything you do or your brain will click to autopilot and you begin to rewire the present as the past, instead of wiring you for the future you desire.

Here are 3 simple steps to up-level your morning rituals:

1. No matter what it is, try something different.

If you drink coffee with cream, drink it black, if you pray, try writing that prayer, if you go running, try skipping. Simple shifts wake up your brain to more fully experience the moment.

2. Add intensity or wacky improvements.

Try to write more in less time, if you type, handwrite as quickly as you can without editing. If you are a first in the AM shower person, take it full-on cold water and see what happens. Working out? Up your intensity, drop your time, join a 100-day challenge, then push yourself to beat your own routine.

3. Map your habits, choose one to eliminate, and commit to it.

The act of deciding, helps you create a single-pointed focus. That single-pointed focus calls into action all of your brainpower and once you firmly commit, you can’t be tripped up by decision paralysis.

This is the secret to Up Your Creative Genius. It’s the subtle shifts that will wake you from your daily slumber and help you step more fully into Creative Genius You. Invigorate and DO THIS!

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