How to Make Your Personal Brand Stand Out and Shine

with special guest Jan Santos

Jan Santos quote from Patti Dobrowolski's podcast
Up Your Creative Genius
How to Make Your Personal Brand Stand Out and Shine

Jan Santos holds a Bachelor of Science in Fine Arts major in Advertising from Batangas State University, Philippines and International Baccalaureate Teaching Certification for Visual Arts and Theory of Knowledge (Epistemology)

He is the CEO of The Creative Scoop which is a Branding Agency that helps businesses from Australia, Germany and the UK, grow through the utilization of social media and modern creative content.

He also coaches entrepreneurs, abroad either 1:1 or group, with his Branding and Identity Program.

Moreover, he started The Creative Talk Podcast on Apple/iTunes, Spotify and Amazon Music, supporting entrepreneurs, leaders and creators to stand-out and establish a market competitive edge. Currently with 10k solid supporters from 16 countries worldwide.

His goal is to solidify one’s branding and identity, ensuring the business to be unique and memorable by means of creating a consistent visual style, goal and focus.

His drive is to enhance ones’ brand credibility and recognition.

Jan Santos is presently residing in Batangas City, Philippines with his wife Farrah Arellano-Santos and little boy Enzo Mariano Santos.


2:51 From comics, to fine arts, to advertising and branding – Jan’s unique journey

7:10 Emotional appeal, the fall of traditional advertising and the rise of branding

11:25 Two icons that inspire Jan

13:27 Three points to create a solid, strong brand

15:03 Aligning business visions with his purpose in life

17:53 Forging diamond brands from the rough

19:50 Visions for the future

22:55 Daily routines and how they changed during COVID

25:09 The Creative Talk – introducing his podcast

26:32 The fruits of labour often provide the best answers to those who don’t understand

28:43 Keeping up with ever-evolving platform algorithms

33:10 The importance of putting intent before content 

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Up Your Creative Genius –

Patti Dobrowolski  00:03

Hello, Superstars! Welcome to the Up Your Creative Genius podcast – where you will gain insight and tips to stomp on the accelerator and blast off to transform your business and your life. I’m your host, Patti Dobrowolski. And if this is your first time tuning in, then strap in – because this is serious rocket fuel. Each week, I interview fellow creative geniuses to help you learn how easy it is to Up Your Creative Genius in any part of your life.

Patti Dobrowolski  00:39

Hey, everybody, it’s Patti Dobrowolski! Oh my gosh. I have Jan Santos here. I don’t know if you’ve looked at my Instagram feed, but it totally changed this year – and it’s thanks to Jan Santos and The Creative Scoop. Because he came in and scooped me and scooped me up, and like, elevated me to 10,000 followers – all these different things that happen. Now let me just tell you a little bit about him. He’s the CEO of Creative Scoop, which is a branding agency that does work with people in the UK and Australia, Germany, US – I’m the US, right – and he helps entrepreneurs to grow their brand online. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Fine Arts and Advertising from Bantagas – is that how we say-

Jan Santos  01:24

Batangas, yeah.

Patti Dobrowolski  01:25

– Batangas. Batangas State University in the Philippines and an International Baccalaureate teaching certification for Visual Arts and Theory of Knowledge. He is amazing and incredible, and I love everybody in his team that’s helping us – so please welcome Jan Santos to the show!

Jan Santos  01:46

Wow, wow. Thank you, buddy. Amazing, amazing intro. Love that. Love the vibe. Love you. Wow.

Patti Dobrowolski  01:52

Yeah. Well, you know, I love you back. And here’s the thing – you know, it’s almost the middle of the night there for him. So just want to say: thank you for coming on the podcast today to share some tips and drop some big wisdom on us.

Jan Santos  02:08

Always welcome, Patti. Three coffees, and lots of love.

Patti Dobrowolski  02:12

Exactly. Love is the key booster. We know that right? It’s the essential dopamine within us. So tell everybody, Jan, tell us a little bit about you – how you came into be doing brands at all. You’ve got this fine arts degree. So tell us, you know, where did you come from? And you can tell us even a little bit about your family, and then how you got to where you are today with your branding agency?

Jan Santos  02:37

Wow. Yeah. Well, I’m always into arts. You know, when I was a kid, I’m – well, you can see that. I’m a Batman collector. Comics, books –

Patti Dobrowolski  02:48

Yes, yes. Behind you. Yeah.

Jan Santos  02:51

So a lot more behind that. So I’m – you know, I love illustration. I love the creativity. I love the world of imagination. So, but growing up, you know, we’re doing okay. But my parents, they work hard, and things like arts are very expensive. Yes. But then I remember like, walking, and there’s a comic toy store. And they’re very expensive. So I can only read comics – like, if they’re past two months issue, they put in a basket – so I go there, and I read it, but you cannot bring it out, so you just read it, and then you put it back. So, you know, that fuels my creativity, and that’s my journey. And then I’m always, the thing that – I don’t know, that’s my special sauce – the thing that makes me different is that I’m always interested even when I was a kid, in the process. So if I see – like, for example, I can never forget: if I see Batman artwork, I was always think, like, how did they do this? How did they create this? What are- not the word process, because I’m a kid at that time, but – you want to know the journey, things like that. That- you know, fast forward now, that is something that I could say: it’s the process of the journey, that what makes a piece valuable. So that paves the way for me to you know, tell my parents that I’m really into art, even though it’s expensive, what’s the plan?

Patti Dobrowolski  02:53


Jan Santos  03:03

But you know, my mom and dad, they really supported me – mostly my mom because, you know, we’re not a complete family. She really invested a lot in me entering the world of arts and, you know, Fine Arts major and Advertising. And that opened the door for me to see, there’s a lot more – more than arts, you know, yes. And this is going to be an arguable topic, but for me when I entered fine arts, the highest form of learning is art, because only art can go past human logic and straight to human emotions, and I love that. Yes.

Patti Dobrowolski  05:12

Yes, it can.

Jan Santos  05:13

And when that happened, when that happens – human judgment will always follow. You know, that’s the reason why when we watch a movie or a cartoon, or you listen to radio, you know: you get captivated, you’re pushed, you cry, you’re happy, you get mad at the protagonist and antagonist about what’s happening – that’s the power of art. And I was there – I’ve seen that happen, I’ve been a part of that. And at that time, advertising is utilizing that power. You know, so in that core is branding. It’s not branding yet, but the essence of it is hidden in advertising. So you know, cut the story short: I love arts, I was given an opportunity to be in that industry, and here I am now.

Patti Dobrowolski  05:25

Yes, no doubt! I mean, really, what I love about what you were saying is that you talked about, and this is what I see reflected in your work. Like, if you go to Jan’s website, you go to his Instagram – it has a very cartoon style. And so I can see that you came from that, because – and, you know, me, too. That’s what I did. My favorite cartoons were Mad Magazine, but not the magazine itself – it was the little tiny cartoons at the bottom of the page. That’s what I feel like my style represents that, really: everything I draw, I’m always thinking – will this look good on the bottom of the page of Mad Magazine? Because I think it imprints you, and then you see the world through that lens, but you’re talking about advertising – and this is old school advertising in a way before it came into brand. When you go to an advertising, you know, fine arts in advertising, really, we’re talking about looking at the big brands, understanding what advertising’s goals are, etc. But how did you find your own voice in that sea of advertising? How did you find you?

Jan Santos  07:10

You know, let’s give a backstory of what advertising really is. And there’s a distinction between advertising and, you know, fine arts, because when you say Fine Arts that’s in the realm of creativity, right? Yes. But when you say about advertising, that’s- it’s using that creativity to really – I’m gonna use the word – manipulate people.

Patti Dobrowolski  07:35

Yes, yes. I was gonna say get the audience, you know, grab them, and then inculcate them with whatever it is you want them to buy. Mm hmm. Right.

Jan Santos  07:45

Yeah. And when I was there, I always say this until now, I’m more of an artist rather than you know, an advertiser.

Patti Dobrowolski  07:53


Jan Santos  07:53

Or a coach or a speaker. That’s me, God created me to be an artist.

Patti Dobrowolski  07:57


Jan Santos  07:57

So in some way, it made me uncomfortable. I say – yeah, we’re using the power of arts, and we’re operating an advertising-driven business. We’re dictating the masses. We’re controlling the masses.

Patti Dobrowolski  08:12


Jan Santos  08:12

Whatever we want, you set the trend.

Patti Dobrowolski  08:15


Jan Santos  08:16

You utilize radio, TV, print ads. That’s the only three powerful mediums before, right. So yeah, so it’s something that “Nah,” I said, deep inside it’s like, “no, this isn’t it.”

Patti Dobrowolski  08:16

I know. I know, I feel your pain there. Yes. (laughs)

Jan Santos  08:34

Again, I never knew that it would, you know, explode. There’s a new industry, there’s a new generation that will come. I never knew that. But I always felt that there is a genuine power hidden in advertising. So, you know, I studied, and I really invested my heart, my mind, my soul into it. And I understood: okay, so there’s a pure essence hidden in advertising, but it won’t work, because it’s not the time – yet.

Patti Dobrowolski  09:07

Yes. Well, and also, then social media happened, right?

Jan Santos  09:12

When social media happened, that was the signal – because there was an option now: you know, it’s not monopolized by the three major mediums, which is print ad, TV, and radio. There is now what we call free media.

Patti Dobrowolski  09:30


Jan Santos  09:30

And when free media came into play, it changed the gameplay already.

Patti Dobrowolski  09:36


Jan Santos  09:36

It now gave the opportunity to everyone. To be a creator, speaker, artist – and when that happened, boom – branding came into play. And because, you know, it was the perfect signal – It’s like the bat signal-

Patti Dobrowolski  09:52


Jan Santos  09:52

– it’s ready. We’re ready, come out. Boom!

Patti Dobrowolski  09:55

Yes, that’s right.

Jan Santos  09:55

When that branding came into play it knocked out advertising. It’s still there. But you know, they don’t control it – the power shifted already, they no longer call the shots – it is given to the people. Everyone has their own brands. Everyone can set up their brands. So that was the shifting part-

Patti Dobrowolski  10:15

Well, and that, then, becomes the open door for you to walk through. Because the kind of branding you’re talking about is really creative. It’s taking even if you have like- uh, I’ll give an example, right – I have a keynote talk. You take a piece of the keynote talk, and you serve it up to the public in a certain way with content attached to it. And then people are interested in that – they’re like, “Where is she? Oh, she’s at the UN”, right?

Jan Santos  10:40


Patti Dobrowolski  10:40

And then that – that gets all these thousands and thousands of views, right? But that takes creativity to understand which piece of that is going to be the saleable product – which piece of that represents the person in their brand, most authentically – which is really, I think what, you’re really good at this.

Jan Santos  11:03

Well, that’s the good thing of starting in an advertising world. Because, you know, that’s the contribution of advertising. You know how – how to use the product, how to use the brand. You know, which talent has potential, which app, you can add, you have the eye. So that’s a good thing from advertising that I have.

Patti Dobrowolski  11:25

Yeah, and that is no doubt, no doubt. Now, who are you inspired by? Now, when you look out there in the world, like who inspires you? Not just your clients, but who inspires you in the world that’s doing something interesting that you think we should look at or be interested by?

Jan Santos  11:41

Well, not in the branding world, but first guy who really talked about revolutionising everything in this world? For me, it’s Gary Vaynerchuk. Yeah, so when I heard that-

Patti Dobrowolski  11:54

Gary Vee.

Jan Santos  11:55

Gary Vee, yeah. When I heard him speak about, not about branding, but you know, really making a difference, changing the gameplay – that was my dilemma before, it’s like: I need something, but I have no power to change it. I’m waiting for it. And then I heard him speak. And I was like, wow, he understands me in somewhat way. So yeah, so I can’t say that he’s my mentor. But he really, you know-

Patti Dobrowolski  12:23

Influences you.

Jan Santos  12:24

-influenced me in a way. Yeah, up to a certain extent. But yeah, he’s one of them. And then a big part of it is Myles Munroe. Dr. Myles Munroe. I think I have a book somewhere there, yeah, “The Power of Vision”. And it’s connected to you know, being visual, as a branding and identity coach. So he really talked about looking past beyond what eyes can see. If you can look beyond what you can see, then you can really create something that can revolutionize the game. So those are not branding related, but those are the powers that contributed what I have now.

Patti Dobrowolski  13:05

Yes. And so now in your agency – so you have a number of people that work on a number of different projects. But what do you feel? Like, what do you think that someone who is developing their brand – what do they need to know? What should they be thinking about if they want to really establish a strong brand like you have?

Jan Santos  13:27

Right? So first, you know, everyone has a brand, alright. But I love what you said that, if they want to have a strong brand – my term is if you want to have a solid brand – and you can only achieve that by understanding three points: who you are, what you do, and what you offer. If you put that in place before anything else – if you put that in place, you’re one step closer in making a solid brand: who you are as a brand, what do you offer as a brand, and who you are, what you do as a brand? Are you, you know, giving value in terms of education? Or are you in the realm of entertainment? So if you can really be concise and consistent in that three major points, you’re one step closer to achieving a solid brand. Now you can follow that question: hey Jan, but you didn’t answer. Yes, I have that in place. How can I have a solid or strong brand? When you have those three points in place, you need to make a difference: you need to connect, make an impact in your tribe and make a difference. Only then – only then can you say that your brand is solid or strong or successful. When you connect the people around you, you make an impact – may be good or bad, negative or positive – and you transform people’s lives – again, good or bad. When you achieve that, you have a strong brand.

Patti Dobrowolski  15:03

Wow, that’s so good. Because I think that often people think: I’m just gonna create this thing, and then, you know, and that’s because I love it, and I love doing it. You know, I remember as a performer, I’d be like: yeah, but if you don’t have an audience, then you can perform to seven people – which I have, you know – so you have to understand how important it is to this piece, especially now connecting to your audience, and then helping them transform their lives, helping them to transform their lives, right. And I think this sometimes gets lost on people who are interested just in making money, right? They’re just wanting to make some money. And so they go out there, and then they’ll try to do all these things, and sometimes you’re successful doing that. But are you really then? And I wonder if this is something you think about? Are you really aligned with your purpose? Like when I would ask you like, what is your purpose?

Jan Santos  16:01

Funny thing, I always answered that with a comic connected visualization. If you’re familiar with Alfred – Alfred of Batman – you know, his purpose is to help Bruce Wayne be the best Batman or be the best Bruce Wayne ever. And that’s me. My purpose given by God is to connect with people and catapult that brand, those people, to the next level, by all means necessary. I’m a helper.

Patti Dobrowolski  16:30


Jan Santos  16:30

The reason why sometimes my clients, my partners, they don’t see what I see in them, I see paths beyond what they can visualize in their brand. And I believe in that brand. So my intent before anything else, is to bring that into something tangible. And I push them – you know, I believe in your message, I believe in your brand, so let’s do this – until they see what I see. So I’m an Alfred, that’s my purpose. I’m a helper. (laughs)

Patti Dobrowolski  17:01

Wow, that is – and you know, I think that I love that you’re talking about it in this way. Because I think that people underestimate how powerful that is. But if you don’t have people, or surrounded by people who can help you, you never get things done. Because you, you know, sometimes are just caught up in the experience that you’re in, and you miss the support underneath. And for me, I think of that, too. Like, often people will call me and they’ll say, I know that you speak to big audiences, will you – you know, I have a classroom and they need some of these speakers to teach art. Last year, you know, during COVID, somebody called me and said, I have all these students online. Will you teach art one day? Like, of course, are you kidding? Because that’s really why we’re here. We’re not really here to gain accolades. And so-

Jan Santos  17:53

– yeah, you know, running a business, it’s natural, you know, earning money. Of course, that’s business. But I love what you said, you know, it’s a blessing that there are people that are willing to help around you. And yeah, not just that – people that are passionate in helping you regardless of there’s something in return. And I think I remember it right, this is somewhat connected to our past conversation, you know, even though there’s nothing in return.

Patti Dobrowolski  17:55


Jan Santos  17:56

I would always be committed to you. Because first, I love you. Second, I love your brand, and I love the message – and I see great things happening in your brand.

Patti Dobrowolski  18:33

You see that vision of it. Well, and I feel very similarly to you. I see the vision of your brand and your greatness going out there because everyone that you touch, their brand explodes. It does because they are ready for someone to help them and you know how!

Jan Santos  18:56

It’s not all because of me. I always say this: if you guys watched the movie Rambo – Rambo, part two, I think, if I’m not mistaken – there’s a part there that, you know, his commander came and he wants to recruit Rambo again for a mission and he said, No, you turned me into a monster. I don’t want to do that anymore. And then he said, No, no Rambo. You’re the same, you know, there’s a rock and we transform it into a statue. You’re the same rock, we just send it out to transform into a statue. That’s what I do. I just chisel it out – me and my agency, we just chisel out, you know, the rough edges – but what makes that brand unique is still there.

Patti Dobrowolski  19:40


Jan Santos  19:40

That makes you, you – we just you know, just chisel it out – Patti’s just, it’s the same amazing brand. We just, you know, shine it there, polish it here. (laughs)

Patti Dobrowolski  19:50

Yes. But what I love is that’s a spiritual principle you’re talking about, really. Because you come into the world as a piece of coal, and experiences with other people really work you down until you’re a diamond when you leave, right? If you make that a conscious choice, and that’s- I love that, because it’s very linked to that. Now, when you think about the vision for you and your brand, firm, your agency, where do you see yourself in 5-10 years? What would you like to be doing?

Jan Santos  20:21

You know what Patti, you know, this is an audacious dream. As far as I’m concerned, there is no branding agency- and when I say branding, because in the Philippines, when you say branding, they’re still stuck in the advertising, you know, post-industrial age terms.

Patti Dobrowolski  20:35

Those three things. Yeah.

Jan Santos  20:36

Yeah. So when I say there is no branding agency like what we have operating, I want to make it big. I want to make it you know, local based, because a company that is people centric, client centric – that’s what we need in order for an industry to triumph. And it’s not there yet. But step by step with connection, with the right people like you guys, my dream is to really make it big locally, in the Philippines, because you can see all the partners, all the clients are non Philippines-based. So yes, speaks a lot, right. So in the long run, you know, maybe three, five, ten – as long as I’m here, still playing the game – my dream, and prayer is you know, to start locally to help small entrepreneurs, introduce them to a different perspective in how you run your business, how you look on your brand, how you look with your, your clients, your partners, how to harness that relationship. It’s not about money – it will come, trust me. Yes, so that’s my goal.

Patti Dobrowolski  21:44

All right. I love that. Because I think there is something to where you are in the world – I always think, oh, yeah, it will be great. Now, you remember, I’ve moved to four major cities, right? Five, four or five now. And so, but now we’re in Texas, and all I can say is, when I start getting work in Texas, then that means that my brand will begin to be established here, and that matters – it matters to my ability to influence the consciousness here, in a good way, right? Because that’s what needs to happen. They need to see me, they need to draw their future and understand that anybody can do it and make a change. I love that you’re going to do that. Now, tell people what- I want to know what’s it like, you know, you getting up with your agency every day? What’s it look like, start to finish? Because today, you got up early, and it’s late.

Jan Santos  22:43

It’s all Patti’s fault.

Patti Dobrowolski  22:45

Right, it is, it is.

Jan Santos  22:46

So, everyone that is listening and watching for this podcast episode, It’s Patti’s fault. (laughs)

Patti Dobrowolski  22:52

Oh, thanks. Thanks. I’ll take it, I accept that.

Jan Santos  22:55

Yeah, that’s why I wake up, I start my day – 5am. Jog, exercise, before I do trainings, Muay Thai. But it- first I’m lazy. Yeah, that’s the that’s the main thing. And then you know, COVID happened. So I can’t go out to things like that. So it’s basic stamina, and exercise. And then yeah, 6 to 7 – that’s a lot of emails, a lot of messages from different social media platforms. And then 7.30, that’s the, you know, the morning briefing with my PA, handing over a lot, dumping everything to her. And then 9 o’clock, that’s where everyone in the agency starts to check in. There’s another team briefing, handing over of tasks, delegation of whatnot, projects and everything. And then yeah, so we end, Mondays to Thursdays, we end the day 5pm. And then if I don’t have schedules for speaking engagements, Clubhouse, or Lives, and if I still have some juice in me, we do online games. We do online games – we love you know, shooting games, me and my friends – so that’s what we do. But recently, because of – you know, we are really triumphing on COVID, so it’s getting better and better – there’s a lot more face to face events that are happening. And I’ve been invited, like before, to go speak about branding and social media. So, again, that’s an addition and a big adjustment because you need to go out. Before, you can like just put on a good shirt and – boom, let’s do it. But not anymore, you know?

Patti Dobrowolski  24:39

Not online. Yeah, not anymore – you got to put on slacks and shoes now.

Jan Santos  24:43

Yeah. Plus, you need to take in consideration the traffic – you know, if a driver will drive me so I can then, you know, make a video content going there. But yeah, no one – it’s going to be me. So things like that. So I usually end 11pm, because 10 o’clock should be the start of my podcast recording. It’s all just like that, 10 to 11, 11.30 is the latest.(whispers) Again, guys, your host- (laughs)

Patti Dobrowolski  25:09

Yes. (laughs) I did. I made him stay up late tonight. But tell everybody – like, what’s your podcast about? Because I love being on, a guest on your podcast. But also who are the kinds of people that you’re interviewing, so they can follow The Creative Scoop,

Jan Santos  25:26

Guys, please check the Creative Talk podcast, available in your favorite podcast platform. It’s a podcast where leaders, entrepreneurs, creators worldwide gets to be highlighted – the focus is not the host, which is, you know, even though the host is very handsome and very witty (laughs) – the focus is not on him. The focus is on those people because again, like my fascination when I was a kid, to understand the discovery, the process, the journey I adopted into this podcast, we see those icons, and you know, your host, Patti was featured in one of my episodes, we see them as a successful icon – creators, leaders, entrepreneurs worldwide, but we don’t know the story. You know, what happened? So that’s the focus of the show – it’s all about them, and we make it very, very, very focused on our guests. It’s their show, it’s not mine. So that’s my podcast, guys – again, the Creative Talk podcast, please check it out.

Patti Dobrowolski  26:32

Yes, definitely. I highly recommend it. I also- I want to know, so when you were starting out your own branding, I mean, like, you must have had challenges building your company going along the way. So what did you do to help yourself get through it? What was challenging for you, or still is – if there’s anything at all?

Jan Santos  26:53

Well, again, it’s something new in the Philippines. So when you know, it’s human nature – if we don’t know something, we tend to be against it. Because we can’t understand.

Patti Dobrowolski  27:07

We’re fearful, yes.

Jan Santos  27:09

And if we don’t understand, and we’re against it – you know, because we can’t control it. So that was the challenge back then – everybody that is connected to me doesn’t know anything about what the heck am I talking about. (laughs) That’s true!

Patti Dobrowolski  27:11

Oh, my gosh, so you have to show pictures and draw sketches? Wow. Wow.

Jan Santos  27:31

No, no, no, no. It was like, first, it was frustrating explaining to them. But you know, by prayer and God’s wisdom, it’s just – alright, okay, in time. You know, when you plant a seed, you don’t explain how it will grow – you know in your heart that time will take its effort to grow, and it will grow, right?

Patti Dobrowolski  27:57


Jan Santos  27:57

You just need the work. You just need to do the effort in watering it, make sure the soil is right, make sure the sunlight is right, protecting it from rodents and pests like that, you know. But you know, the plant will grow – and when it does, when it does – it will bear fruit. That fruit will explain everything for you.

Patti Dobrowolski  28:19


Jan Santos  28:19

And let’s, you know, fast forward: people around me, some doesn’t still understand that, they don’t have a clue. But they see the output. And you know, with that they have security that: oh, okay, he knows what he’s doing. People are being blessed, people are being- you know, he’s helping out a lot of people, he must be doing something good.

Patti Dobrowolski  28:43

That’s right. That’s right. That’s right. I think proof is everything. You know, I used to draw, I would tell people, you know, nobody understood about why you want to picture the future, right? Why would you want to have a drawing or someone drawing in the room. So I go to these big clients like Morgan Stanley – I go into their office in New York City, and I have a contact there, and I put a piece of paper up on the wall, and I do the process with them – to see if they would hire me right? To come in and do one about their company. And they had this during this time, you know, in the mid 90s, early 2000s, they would simply look at the drawing, and they’d say: that’s nice, but we don’t really have the budget for that, and they’d say, but could you leave that drawing with us? And I’d be like, oh, yeah, so now they got a free drawing, right. But later, you know, many years later, I’m back in that same room – working. So maybe that’s 10 years later, right? But it took a long time for the industry of graphic recorders to come to the forefront, which is really what we see in terms of what you’ve been doing and the branding help. Now, you are really an expert on algorithms. That’s what’s true, right. How do you keep your acumen, how do you keep your skills up in the algorithm in Instagram or Facebook, or how – what do you do? How could people research for themselves to get more educated?

Jan Santos  30:09

Well, stop thinking that you know a lot.

Patti Dobrowolski  30:14

That’s right.

Jan Santos  30:14

Yeah, The moment you say to yourself that, you know, you’re good in this area, and you understood everything, is the moment you lose the game already.

Patti Dobrowolski  30:23


Jan Santos  30:23

Because, you know, algorithm, it’s a system. In any platform that’s all about YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok – it’s constantly changing, because they’re constantly innovating – because of the constant creation of content, because of the constant usage of consumers. You know, they are always adjusting-

Patti Dobrowolski  30:45

– And all the data, and they’re not even adjusting – the algorithm is adjusting for them.

Jan Santos  30:51

Yes, imagine the amount of data that comes in. That’s like, what – billions of billions of data and they’re always improving. You know, when I say adjusting, and innovating, it doesn’t mean like always a drastic change. It could be small-

Patti Dobrowolski  31:06

No, it’s incremental, it could be an incremental thing – you see it, you see it happen, and then you’re like, what, something’s different now? They’re not, this is not happening, right? This, we’re not getting as many views, right?

Jan Santos  31:18


Patti Dobrowolski  31:19

And that’s generally because something has changed, based on the algorithm.

Jan Santos  31:24

When you have that mindset that you don’t know a lot, so you will really invest your time in, you know, researching – you spend time in the platform. And when I say spend time in a platform, it will really take you, you know – months, years – because you know, imagine a platform is a human being, you cannot say that you know a person in like what, a few months? No, you spend time, you build relationships with that human being. And that’s the same with platforms. When we talk about Patti, Instagram, I was like, when Instagram launched the Carousels, that was way way back, it was the newest feature of Instagram – I was there. I was there understanding, what is this? Because you know, Instagram before was a online portfolio for photographers-

Patti Dobrowolski  32:17

Yeah, it was just visual, it was pretty photos, pretty photos. Yeah, it wasn’t about business, exactly.

Jan Santos  32:23

So when that happened, I was like, I was spending – I remember, 6am to 9am, I should, you know, watch videos, talk to people on Twitter, you know – I am stalking people. I need to know more about those platforms. Connect with, making collaborations with people that I know are well-versed-

Patti Dobrowolski  32:42

Yes, ahead of the game. Yes.

Jan Santos  32:45

Yeah. And you know, it really gave me an insight. And then the same principle applies, but different interface, you know, things like that – different platform, but the same principle: TikTok, YouTube shorts, and a lot. You just need to spend time – one platform at a time. Research, talk, listen, join Clubhouse sessions and really, you know-

Patti Dobrowolski  33:10

Hear people talk about it – hear what they’re saying, take a bunch of notes, that’s what I did. And now, you know, in the NFT space, doing the same thing – you know, what can you learn about NF Ts and how could you leverage that in the future because that’s the future and we know that, we can see that building and if you follow Gary Vee at all, you see what he’s done with his brand, and everything in that space. So it’s very inspiring. Well, you are so incredibly inspiring. I hope that everybody has just pulled away these big nuggets. Now tell us – you know, I don’t want to keep you because I know we have to go into a class in a moment – so I want to know like, tell people who are wanting to make a change and refresh what they’re doing: what is a tip that you could give them on how to, you know, continue to persevere in this space? What would you say to them?

Jan Santos  34:04

No, you know, I always say this: intent comes before content. Your intent will always come before content, what ever it is. So know that first: when you put that in place, and you sort that out, you have a solid foundation already with your brand. And trust me: things will be visual for you, you know what to do next. We always hear this from gurus online. You know: know your niche, niche down, or understand your target market, or your only few thousand fans or something like that. And that’s not wrong – that’s correct. But before anything else, know your intent. Know – you know, Simon Sinek’s famous “why”, things like that. But more than that, you know, the intent – your Jedi force in you – know that everything will be in place.

Patti Dobrowolski  34:58

I love that. That is such incredible advice. I love this time with you, I’m so glad I get to spend more of it. I’m so grateful to you for everything you’ve done for my brand. And for anybody listening, you know, be sure to look in the shownotes to see how you can connect with Jan – he’s really easy and accessible, he’ll have a conversation with you to see what you’re up to and how we can help you – I know that for a fact, and so I just think that you are amazing. And the fact that I met you is like this magical moment in time. And so I just am capturing that in my head like, ah, this moment right now is a beautiful moment. And so, thank you for taking the time today, Jan – you’re just incredible.

Jan Santos  35:43

Thank you so much Patti. And again, for all the listeners and viewers out there, I am just a vessel. You know, people like Patti are blessings to me – I learn a lot from them, and I do a little contribution to bring their brand to the next level, but I’m just a vessel. Without God’s grace. I’m nothing. And again, guys, people like Patti, they are really transforming people’s lives. Please do connect with her, check her podcast-

Patti Dobrowolski  36:11

Alright, he’s promoting me now, I love it. I love it. Thank you, Jan! All right, everybody. You know the drill – if you like what you’ve heard, please pass it on to your friends, and get everybody to follow and listen to the podcast, and also just follow Jan and his podcast, because it’s amazing. And until next time, Up Your Creative Genius. Thank you!

Patti Dobrowolski  36:37

Thanks so much for listening today. Be sure to DM me on Instagram your feedback or takeaways from today’s episode on Up Your Creative Genius, then join me next week for more rocket fuel! Remember, you are the superstar of your universe, and the world needs what you have to bring. So get busy, get out and Up Your Creative Genius! And no matter where you are in the universe, here’s some big love from yours truly, Patti Dobrowolski, and the Up Your Creative Genius Podcast. That’s a wrap!

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