Sweeping the Path Clear to Creative Genius You

We are focusing on outcome to the infinite power in the next few weeks. To get to that outcome you have to constantly sweep that path clean for your Creative Genius. Your outcome multiplier works only when you are listening carefully to the nudges from your Creative Genius. You alone allow for the multiplication of your efforts and dream. Watch out for interference from resistance which can show up as denial or buried fear.

After a conference a senior executive asked if I could do a mapping session for him, he felt like it would be a good next step to see what might be next in his future. The CEO role of his company was going to be open and he anticipated stepping in to fill that role. Naturally there would be a lengthy public interview process, outside search and all, but he believed he was a shoe in.

He kept repeating to me that he definitely felt okay whether he got the job or not. If he didn’t, he’d have the complete freedom to start a new career, which showed up very clearly in the picture I drew for him. A few months went by and I sent an email to see how things were going, fully anticipating he would have reflected on the map contents, quit his job, and embarked on some new endeavor like working for himself or being part of some different enterprise.

He told me that the search firm came in and they did something unexpected, they were hard nosed and mean; everyone felt a little beat up afterwards. It had bruised his courage. For the first time he wondered if he really was going to get the job. Then he mentioned how sick he’d been while working there. That he’d developed a somewhat debilitating illness.

Hmmm, I wondered out loud to him, “How linked were those two things?” He brushed it off and started to re-emphasize how much he wanted that CEO job. Then he stopped himself and said to me, “Maybe it isn’t such a good idea, this job, maybe it won’t lead me to the freedom I want.”

Freedom was a big piece of the right side of his visual map. I asked how he was using the map today, was he imagining it and using the images and words on the right side in the Desired New Reality to help give him courage and more clarity. He confessed that he’d not really put his map somewhere he could look at it every day. It’d been too much, he didn’t want it to happen that fast.

Yep that’s what we do. We put that dream away, back in the drawer or the closet it goes. The great thing about life is everything is a choice. You might get insight and uncover a new level of truth when drawing your future, then decide to put it off. No harm, no foul – your Creative Genius is always there offering new information, so be curious.

Do you think you getting sick was random? Maybe, but research shows good health and happiness are intrinsically linked. The law of change dictates that if you’re not happy, life will find a way to shift you out of where you are and into something new. Unexpected disruption occurs in the current state if you stay too long and you know you don’t want to be there, no matter how far back in the drawer your picture of the future is. Eventually your Creative Genius will force you out of your comfort zone and into the new world you have been fantasizing about.

What you imagine, even as a passing thought, becomes a road sign for your attention. 33% of your brain is automated, but 66% programmable. You can harness your thoughts and point them towards the outcome you desire. It’s up to you, however, to stay awake while driving or you can miss all the offramps or onramps to the myriad of possibilities that exist with infinite outcomes.

Fine Tune Your Creative Genius with a Picture

Road signs are everywhere, so allowing yourself to simmer that vision on the stovetop of your imagination will help you gain clarity on any questions you have, and let new ideas bubble to the surface. One way to get clear is to draw out your desired reality for the end of the change. This works whether it is specific to one area of your life or the entire picture of how things are going.

In studies that were done to help people save for their retirement, they tested the efficacy of people drawing a picture of themselves as an older person to help build their empathy for and desire to save for that part of themselves. When you have an outer picture of that internal dream, it helps remind you what you are working for. For this reason, I go back to the Draw Your Future process again and again to help you get unstuck.

When you draw it all out, you get that awesome snapshot of what really is occurring. That brings a deeper level of clarity so you can begin to work on taking action. You won’t hurt your vision by revisiting it or redrawing a map to focus on a specific piece, the map is a reflective portal, and your Creative Genius will use it to speak to you. You may have other ways to help you know what you can do, so trust what you intuitively get to help you get clear.

Whiteboard Your Question

Visual thinking is one of the easiest ways to get an answer. You simply need to give yourself the literal white space to explore your question. It might be “Should I stay in this career?” “Is this food good for me?” “How can I be more financially sound?” Visual problem solving can amplify what you need to hear.

With a piece of paper and pen in hand, or with a whiteboard nearby, imagine you are walking into an empty room. Then on that whiteboard or paper write out your question. Sit for a few minutes with your eyes closed, asking your question a couple of times in your mind. Take a deep breath and tune it. As soon as you get any kind of a nudge or subtle answer to your question, write or draw whatever comes to you.

If you don’t understand what you have written down, or don’t “get” anything, write that down and and continue to write until an idea comes through. Look for small actions you can take to create a shift in the situation you are asking about. While the answer might be “be patient”, if you need something more specific, ask for it.

Your imagination has a team – a literal army of assistants who work to create new neural pathways between ideas and concepts to help you problem solve. I sometimes imagine them just hanging out there, quietly sifting through the waters of your memories in your hippocampus. They silently wait like a stage crew in the alley on a smoke break until you give them something to do.

When you snap their fingers and point to your desired outcome they are at the ready, all action, mocking up the set design and costumes to help you step on stage in that future, lights, camera, action! But without direction that smoke break can go on for hours or days. Without positive direction, they will sift through your past, dredging up old patterns and tossing a limiting belief onto the turntable of your thoughts. Sometimes they can’t figure out what to do with your anxiety or worry, so they find a secret spot in your body to hide it.

You have to wrangle your team. Give them a job to do. Line them up with tasks to do. Find some clear examples: “I need to meet someone who can help me further my career.” “I am looking for a life partner that is kind, loving, a good communicator and loves my children.” Then put them to work lining up that experience by feeding them positive images to expand upon and vision board in your mind for you.

Heighten your senses so you’ll be prepared to see, know, be and do. Ask that imagination team, what is one thing you would recommend that I do right now towards that goal? Then, whatever you get, don’t delay, go and do it.

This week galvanize your imagination crew to get busy on those outcomes to the infinite power. Mock up a desired change you want in one area of your life. Gain clarity about it using one of the visual tips shared in this post, and take action to step into that new you, knowing that your Creative Genius is with you.

I can’t wait to see what you achieve! Let me know! Shoot me an email at patti@upyourcreativegenius to keep me in the loop about you.

You can do this!


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